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Dracula opens with a young solicitors assistant, jonathan harker, en route from budapest into transylvania, to visit the castle dracula and to meet with count dracula, a nobleman who has recently purchased an estate in london called carfax. I have to say the dracula does a much better job of creepification than frankenstein did. Who would win in a fight to the death between these two legendary creatures. Now and then a few of the horror hosts would be around, or horror related shows like chiller theatre with its leprous fingers shooting out of the ground and greedily grasping the letters spelling the shows name. It was a comic series published by topps in the 90s. Frankenstein still doesnt make a damn lick of sense.

Hes an awesome character i love to watch dracula being a bad ass. Frankenstein not to be confused with the infamous al adamson film of the same name is also known as assignment terror and the monsters of terror. Comparing and contrasting elements of horror in dracula. Dracula vs frankenstein 1971 parte 4 final youtube.

Bela lugosi was the first actor and the first dracula movie not counting nosferatu was in 1931 and was a universal production, he set the look of dracula the voice and everything, another famous horror actor back then was boris karloff who played the original frankenstein, he played the monster. In dracula, there are portrayals of death and world domination because of the counts evil aspirations and his supernatural. Who would win in a fight between dracula, frankenstein, a ware wolf, and mr hyde. Although i have not read mary shelley s frankenstein in years i do not think he displays any feats outside of the likes of a low level meta human such as deathstroke. Frankenstein and the wolf man from universals dark universe have met on screen before, but in a fight to the death, who would win and why. Some famous monsters written by brits have decided theyd rather see the reich rise than the queen saved. The film would have seen the two creatiures at each others necks, but the film was never made. Even so, dracula vs frankenstein is something special, starting out as a biker film, an intended sequel to adamsons surprisingly successful satans sadists, before taking a sharp lefthand turn to become the blood seekers, about a mad scientist and his bizarre experiments, and then finally ending up as dracula vs frankenstein, which is. Get an answer for what themes do stokers dracula and shelleys frankenstein share. Recently, ive been really interested in old fashioned universal monsters, you know, like boris karloffs frankenstein and bela lugosis dracula. Each story includes a protagonist, villain and secondary character. Dracula vs frankensteins monster short fiction story. He ran through the sewers, the splashing of the puddles and his footsteps echoing around him.

Heres a look at the creature through the years, ranked from least attractive. How many of the good guys are going to have to sacrifice themselves in order to conquer the evil dracula. Classic monster fight dracula vs the frankenstein monster. Far superior, imo, to the film that was made instead, house of frankenstein. I assume you mean frankensteins monster adjusts glasses. Youtube, youtube channel, video marketing, youtuber, igtv, erika vieira, video, instagram hatecast clint taylor. He came to a stop at the ladder that would be his exit and climbed it with one hand, the precious book still held tightly with. In her efforts to escape, she falls into dracula s clutches and witnesses the monster mash of the millennium as the frankenstein monster and count dracula clash in a gutwrenching, limbripping, gruesome brawl to the bloody end. This was the first of a series of ensemble monster films combining characters from several film series. Who would win in a fight between dracula, frankenstein, a. The dracula character could defy all of nature by controlling the weather and animals and his abilities to transform and vanish make him an obvious supernatural, compared to frankenstein s monster who became supernatural because he was created and has incredible strength yet he does not possess any specific supernatural abilities like dracula. Frankensteins monster is just a big, strong guy who is hard to kill. Frankenstein in popular culture, from the pennsylvania electronic edition.

Jonathan harker is kept captive in the castle for a long time after dracula leaves for england, with the vampire brides periodically drinking his blood before he finally escapes. This web site is called dvd drivein, and i deem al adamson the ultimate drivein director and dracula vs. Its a lot of fun most of it in a so bad its good way. I love the scope and changing perspectives throughout the novel with dracula plotting in the shadows and there are some genuinely scary moments the bit with dracula being described as an engorged leech always gets to me.

The new players in the game are willing to work with hitler and any of his subordinates to help win the war. Growing up in wisconsin in the early 70s, i would get home from school, drop my bag, park myself in front of the tv and tune in the early show. The novel most often compared to dracula is mary shelleys frankenstein, published in. Harker worries, as he approaches the castle, about the superstitious locals, who seem to fear dracula. For a quality dracula vs frankenstein battle, check out the frankenstein dracula war. By explicating himself and his actions, the monster gains our favor and turns himself into the hero of victor frankensteins narrative. The book he held was wrapped in centuriesold cloth and his grip on it was impenetrable. Joan s sister sets out to find her missing sibling and becomes a hostage in dr. Frankenstein also went through three shoots or at least 2 12 over some extended period of time. Zombie, demon, werewolf, frankensteins monster, vampire. They use a different monster, staying much closer to the character in the novel, but an intelligent, articulate monster makes for a better foe against dracula. One is a vicious predator who can still function in the world. Naish filmed additional footage in 1970 when dracula and the frankenstein monster were added to the story in his confrontation scene with dracula, he appears to be noticeably older.

Mary shelleys frankenstein and bram stokers dracula are stories of inhumane beings causing destruction and agony for the main characters until the time of their defeat. Which of these monsters would win if all of them were in a cage fight at the same time. The summer storm that inspired frankenstein and dracula. After all, any film with a credit like dracula ring by ruzi cant be bad in my book. In short, dracula is a classic story of good versus evil.

I would say dracula, since he has supernatural powers. Rudolph greys book, tim burtons movie, everything else. The stories of frankenstein and dracula both include secondary characters, who happen to be female as well as the lovers of the protagonists. However, some aspects of this wellknown character were inspired by the 15th century romanian general vlad iii, the impaler who was also known as dracula. Frankenstein is a 1971 american horror film directed by al adamson. Frankenstein in order to find a way to quench his thirst for blood. Frankenstein frankenstein and dracula comparison showing 1. Frankenstein news newspapers books scholar jstor february 2019. Smiths young adult book series the vampire diaries. Jan 24, 2014 ranking frankenstein s monsters by hotness because aaron eckhart isnt the first hunk to play frankenstein s monster.

It is an all out battle traditional dracula no changes to them they are the originals. Count dracula is the title character and primary antagonist of bram stokers 1897 gothic horror novel dracula. However in both novels the evil displayed is different and has different intensities. Dracula vs frankenstein which book do you think is better. He definitely has a lot of ways to take someone down in a rough fight. The other is essentially an abandoned child in an adult frame who is driven to rage by his rejection from the world as a whole. Dracula should be able to take frankensteins monster with relative ease.

Book dracula didnt seem too strong mostly because bram stoker wasnt thinking precisely gee, i need to give good, quantifiable feats to my monster, so over. Hes a particularly big and powerful man made up of dead flesh, but hes still a man. What themes do stokers dracula and shelleys frankenstein. Frankenstein is a one of a kind monstrosity that only the legendary al adamson could make. On the whole, francos film came out episodic, sometimes boring and sometimes absurd and in those respects, it certainly was faithful to the book. Which of these monsters would win if all of them were in a cage fig. The monsters eloquent words do not have the effect he intends.

Thats because the monster actually has no name besides frankenstein s monster. Its a shame that media blasters has released dracula vs. And by the way, i dont know the time frame, but dracula vs. They are the classic monster icons of universal pictures. Dracula wants the control of the wolfman and the frankenstein s monster for his evil plans but these creatures are uncontrollable horror movie mashup. And i was wondering, who would win out of the classic universal monsters of the 30 and 40s, and the modern movie serial killers of the 80s, 90s and present day. And its certainly possible that i might have been swayed by all the wood stuff id read and seen. He is a monster living inside what appears on the surface to be a man, while frankenstein s monster is a man living inside a monster. Usage public domain topics trailers, horror, dracula, frankenstein. Werewolf is an awesome character strong and bad ass. Victor frankenstein is the main character in the novel frankenstein by mary shelly. Dracula is characterized as an evil character, while jonathan harker is described as being good, although at this point we dont know for sure if dracula is evil. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5.

The interaction between the two characters can confirm our suspicion. Carroll naish, and with zandor vorkov and john bloom as the respective title characters. These two classic horror stories possess similar character types which contrast in key elements. Frankenstein and dracula are two of horrors biggest icons, both deriving from famous books with completely different authors. Carrol naish, lon chaney, zandor vorkov, at turner classic movies. The two titans of terror duke it out to the death in this drivein classic from legendary cult director al adamsen. Ranking frankenstein s monsters by hotness because aaron eckhart isnt the first hunk to play frankenstein s monster. Dracual vs the wolfman vs frankensteing, or is it the monster is a battle that will be decided by brains, dracula will obviously win since he is the most intelligent, the wolfman in wolf form is simply just a beast, the monster, if that is who you mean, has no intelligence, operates on instint, if it is dr frankensteir, i would still give it.

It had started out as a sequel to satans slaves, in which russ tamblyn played the vicious head of a biker gang. Compare dracula with frankenstein in easytoread sidebyside columns. Frankenstein meets the wolf man is a 1943 american horror film produced by universal studios starring lon chaney, jr. Carrol naish, who is really the last of the frankensteins and is now running a house of horrors by the beach and is performing. Even though its not makemyhairstandonendandkeepmeawake scary, it does have that certain eerie tone that someone mentioned in the dracula thread. Although frankensteins monster is a tank compared to a normal human dracula is on another level and would likely tear frankensteins. Jonathan harker escapes dracula s castle just after dracula departs for england, and is never directly attacked by the vampire brides. Dracula, frankensteins monster, the wolf man, the mummy. As horror became more popular, adamson decided to add some scenes to the film to turn it into a horror film.

For trivia hounds, former debateteam captains, and fighters of all stripes, who would win. Dracula, on the other hand can damage frankenstein over time by biting him around the arteries, causing more and more blood to flow out of him. Toonopedia entry on the early frankenstein comic books. Imo in this setting, frankenstein literally has 0 ways of harming dracula dracula s durability is 9a, frankentein only has 9b ap, his only bet would be trying to outlast dracula for one hour. Judith fontaine regina carrol is looking for her sister joanie, who has disappeared into the hippie community of venice, california. Dracula vs frankenstein page 28 classic horror film board.

One of the funniest things about this movie is the fact that dracula. Count dracula, contrary to frankensteins monster, is a true villain who receives no pity from the readers for his clearly selfish objectives. Frankenstein and dracula comparison freebooksummary. Still, this is a musthave for any serious drivein movie fan. Released to video under the title the revenge of dracula, this horror spoof finds the infamous count dracula joining up with dr. Jim knipfel oct 17, 2018 after all these years, al adamsons cult classic dracula vs. There is also count dracula running around with the frankenstein monster and using him as sort of a henchmen. Frankenstein is a 1971 film about dracula, who conspires with a mad doctor to resurrect the frankenstein monster. They fail to win victors approval or gain his affection.

The name actually goes to the doctor who created him. These two foes were first envisioned togther in a 1944 screen play wolfman vs dracula which was to be univsersal studios sequal to frankenstein meets the wolf man. Franco followed count dracula with a string of movies on the dracula theme. You know when you start reading the novel which side is going to win the good guys. If adam were able to seize upon vlad, adam would tear him apart. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Easily rivaling ed wood for plot incoherence, terrible dialogue, subplots leading nowhere, and wooden acting, this film must be seen to be believed. Or would they just team up instead frankenstein s monster kills out of hate dracula needs a new renfield frankenstein s monster is the muscle dracula is the brain look out world conclusion poor poor franeknsteins monster doesnt stand a chance against the occult powers. Comprehensive site on frankenstein movies, comic books, theatre plays and the original novel. Notice i used the word frankenstein s in the title rather than frankenstein. Director adamsons wife, regina carrol, appears in the film as judith fontaine, one of the people who discover the two monsters of the title. I think this all ties together somewhere but i did not see more than a small connection. The theme of good vs evil is evident through the jonathans reaction.

Dracula, by contrast, in depicted as evil incarnate. Frankenstein, 1971, directed by al adamson, with j. Dracula and the creature brought to life by victor frankenstein have no similarity whatsoever. Wasnt the last batman movie based upon this theme where batman devised plans to incapacitate all justice league members in case they ever. Victor frankenstein, count dracula, and griffon, the invisible man join team hitler. In dracula and frankenstein evil is the basis of both novels.

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