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Waratah white suffolk stud was established in october 1995 with the purchase of ewes from detpa grove. Introducing tattykeels 2016 elite australian white stud. Nsw stud tattykeel, oberon, were the other star performers, taking out. The suffolk is a truly pure and unique breed that has been proven for over 200 years.

Australian white suffolk association better by design better by. Click here to find details about an australian white sheep breeder near you members listing updated february 2020. Specialty sheep tipped by breeders to become gourmet hit like. White suffolks semen catalgoue baringa sheep studs. Or learn more about our aussie white sheep contact dan. Tattykeel australian white lamb results highlight research needs. Bought ewes from cymru and yadnarie white suffolk studs to establish yanta white suffolks in 2008. Medical and veterinary sciences in townsville last year and was approached by tattykeel australian white stud principal graham gilmore to do some independent meat analysis and taste testing. Timor 170183 by tattykeel 150056 out of a tattykeel 140429 daughter. We are amazed at the quality of the meat which is very fine, and the fat on the meat after it is cooked has a very low melting point, said mr gilmore from tattykeel stud at black springs, west. Founded in 1997 with 8 suffolk ewes from stonehaven stud crossed with a tall bare headed geejay poll dorset ram, only top white suffolk rams have been used since.

The uniformity and hardiness of this breed maximizes the hybrid vigour of the progeny. This was an australian record for this new found breed. The tattykeel poll dorset stud was later established in 1964, and the poll dorsets soon became the main breed in the familys meat sheep studs. Pendarra white suffolk stud performance plus genetics. Lot 42 tattykeel poll dorset sale tag 232 duration. Australian white producer testimonial graham armore. Lambplan participants tested ovine johnes disease free, accredited brucellosis free. Allendales best suffolk and poll dorset genetics were, and continue to be used in establishing the white suffolk flock at allendale. Ewes were also purchased from the gadang dispersal, alkoomie, renrut, galaxy park, gaerloch and cowabbee, as well as the foundation breeders sale. Graham gilmore with some of tattykeel studs australian white rams. Over the last ten years we have sourced outstanding white suffolk sires and selected ewes from various other studs to help build up a high quality ewe flock quickly. Work commenced on a breeding program in the mid1970s with.

As the founder and manager of pendarra white suffolk stud, murray has been solely responsible for developing his sheep enterprise from a modest beginning to one of the leading suppliers of high performance quality genetics to the australian prime lamb industry producing around 350 rams annually and is a major supplier of rams to commercial lamb producers and genetics to stud producers. Holbeache farm is a working farm run by mike clarke and his daughter alison. Without martins tireless work and input the australian white would not exist today. Across flock testing under lambplan, ranks them very highly. Specialty sheep tipped by breeders to become gourmet hit. This was changed to colonsay when daughter kirby joined colin in this venture in 2011. It is the aim of jardene stud to provide top rams at reasonable prices. Omad white suffolk stud principal damian hawker showed off this years sale offering, as well as some of his breeding ewes. Tattykeel birthplace of the australian white sheep breed. Connect with koonawarra white suffolk stud at angaston, sa.

These include texels, east friesans, white dorpers, white suffolks and. Currently breeding border leicester, white suffolk and sa meat merino rams we consider we cover all aspects of the prime lamb, first cross and wool industries and we can meet your every need. Introducing tattykeels 2016 elite australian white stud rams on property sale 30th sept 2016. Wingamin white suffolk stud, karoonda, south australia. This magnificent ram was the supreme white suffolk exhibit of the royal adelaide show. The white suffolk grand champion ram and ewe, shown by baringa stud. The breeds performance and productivity is also backed confidently by objective selection and science. The australian white sheep are a stabilised composite haired meat breed comprising white dorper, van rooy, poll dorset and texel genetics. Over thirty years of breeding, backed by objective selection, performance and science, has resulted in an australian bred sheep tailored for australian conditions.

The australian suffolk centenary history book a history of 100 years of positive impact on the australian sheepmeat industry. Yanta sheep studs has a long white suffolk history, here is a brief overview. Tattykeel will also have pure australian white sheep on offer at the following auctions. Timor 190027 by tattykeel 171511 out of a tattykeel 429 ewe. We think its a cheap ram based on the quality, he said. Tattykeel has a strong australian white sale the land. The white suffolk is an australian sheep breed developed for australian conditions. The buyer, mark yates of the kubura white suffolk stud, yerong creek, nsw, stud, yerong creek, nsw, said he hadnt expected to pay top dollar on the day but the ram would suit his stud very well.

The information obtained from these returns is compiled into the associations flock book and permits the secretariat to maintain accurate data base records. Blackbutt suffolk registered flock number 2044, white suffolk registered flock number 0501. All four major grand and reserve champion sashes came from the one stud. The allendale white suffolk stud was commenced in 1984 with allendale flock 9 being one of 17 foundation studs when the official breed association was formed in 1985. The use of the suffolk sire is preferred on maiden ewes and makes identification of cross bred lambs easier. The newbold white suffolk flock consists of 200 high performance ewe with a strong emphasis on size and muscle. Koonawarra white suffolk stud angaston, sa white pages. Offering garden views, tattykeel house in omagh has accommodations, a shared lounge and a garden. We have a very strong focus on commercial traits such as fast growth, early maturity, high yields, structural correctness and genuine lambing ease. Australian white is a large, white breed of australian meat sheep which was originally developed for australian conditions.

September 26, 2019 timor 190027 by tattykeel 171511 out of a tattykeel 429 ewe. Tattykeel poll dorset stud, oberon, has had a perfect day out at the sydney royal show, winning every supreme interbreed broad ribbon on offer in. Specialty sheep tipped by breeders to become gourmet hit like wagyu beef. Tattykeel australian whites stud, oberon, nsw held their onproperty sale on wednesday and it was a real day out. Produced with the support of the suffolk sheep society of australia, the australian stud sheep breeders association and the australian suffolk association. Overview 2014 sydney royal easter show prime lamb interbreed sire. We aim to produce high indexed, well muscled, hardy white suffolk sheep. Hopea suffolk and white suffolk studs is run on around 2000 acres in the wimmera region at dadswells bridge, victoria. The colonsay kelpie stud, in central west of nsw australia, was first established as kirralong in 1990 by colin mcphee as the sole owner. Lbs have been our preferred team for ai since 1987. Annual ram sale took place on wednesday, 4th september 2019 at the bencubbin ram pavilion commencing at 1 pm.

White suffolk corriedale crosses, merino white suffolk crosses, merinopoll. May 27, 2019 returning to the mat at the nsw state sheep show for the first time since 2008 was the rene white suffolk stud who took home most successful exhibitor, among a long list of accolades in the white. Tattykeel is now considered the most successful poll dorset stud on record in the australian show and sale rings. Kismet white suffolk stud is located at howlong, new south wales, australia approx 4kms west of howlong on the corowa roadriverina highway. White suffolk is an australian breed of meat sheep developed for australian conditions. Connect with tattykeel sheep stud at abercrombie road, oberon, nsw. Tattykeel s 6th annual stud sale 25th september, 2019 at 1pm. This may 2016drop ram weighed 1 kilograms, with 15millimetre fat depth and 48mm eye muscle depth. Wantana white suffolk stud qualtiy white suffolk rams.

Member information australian white suffolk association. Purchased tattykeel impact 8392 from holmes 427 rams used 2020. Murray long white suffolk stud breeder pendarra white. Wingamin white suffolk stud was established in 1988 and is registered flock no 50. Stud sales anden stud white suffolk, ultra whites, suffolks. Ask how our high growth rates will reduce the time on feed and enable the lambs to hit target weights sooner.

Sadly on 12 july 2018, the tattykeel family lost martin at the age of 52. The funke familys 19 year old white suffolk stud conducts an annual spring ram sale and this was the first time they had offered stud ewes. Our october sale will be the largest ever offering of australian whites with 25 stud rams, 60 stud ewes and 100 flock rams. Sale to be held on property at tattykeel, 1919 abercrombie rd. Their passion is heavy horses and in addition to the daily farm duties they breed suffolk punches, an endangered species. Business name contact name email phone number address.

The gemini white suffolk stud was founded in 1993, with our well established suffolk stud providing the foundation. We are amazed at the quality of the meat which is very fine, and the fat on the meat after it is cooked has a very low melting point, said mr gilmore from tattykeel stud. As leading prime lamb sires, white suffolks are versatile performers and are well noted for their functional shape, mobility, fertility and libido. Dominating the australian white judging at the sydney royal was oberon stud, tattykeel, operated by the gilmore family. Due to us looking for an easy care sheep which suited our hot dry climate, the white suffolk with its bare points, good looks and overall ability to thrive in all conditions suited us. Suffolk, white suffolk and australian white rams now available for private sale. My love for sheep started with the purchase of 12 suffolk cross ewes in 2008, from then it has extended to a passion to improve and provide stud sheep for clients and to preserve the purity of both suffolks and white suffolks. These ewes formed the basis for our breeding program. The tattykeel poll dorset stud was later established in 1964, and the poll dorsets. The anden stud white suffolks, ultra whites, suffolks. Ewe numbers have increased over the years, to currently mating approx 300 ewes. Willandra and tattykeel ram sale farm tender prime.

We front the murray river on the vicnsw border, 32km west of albury. Stud and flock rams available for private selection, inverleigh vic. Baringa has an extensive semen catalogue filled with top quality white suffolk stud rams that are a perfect fit for your breeding program. Over the years they have also been involved with a number of other breeds and have been equally successful in the show ring. Seriston today runs 500 white suffolk stud ewes, 150 stud suffolk ewes. White suffolks celebrate 20yrs at adelaide show farm. Hundreds attended the 6th annual tattykeel australian white sale to see strong support for stud ewes, stud rams and flock rams. The otto suffolk stud was founded and registered by the rh lieschke family of walla walla in 2001 with rams and ewes purchased from the letts suffolk stud in south australia. Together they also began colonsay white suffolk stud in 2007. Wantana white suffolk stud is extremely excited to provide these exceptional quality rams to the boorowa area. Both wifi and private parking are accessible at the bed and breakfast free of charge. The anden stud white suffolks, ultra whites, suffolks the donnan family have been quietly producing highperformance white suffolks for a long time, and are now gaining due recognition for their high and consistent quality.

The white suffolk breed celebrated its 20th anniversary at the royal adelaide show with record entries and exhibitors. Wantana purchased tandara studs 4 tooth drop of stud ewes with lambs at foot in november 2009. As a direct result of the familys focus on breeding quality sheep, tattykeel have consistently taken out broad ribbons at major shows in nsw and victoria. Their breeding flock includes 1200 stud australian white ewes and 1100 stud poll dorset ewes along with small numbers of texels and east friesians. My knowledge of the ag industry was what we read in books at school and experienced at petting zoos. Welcome to the website of the australian white sheep breeders association inc. Fresh from winning several broad sashes in the white suffolk classes, nsw breeder ian gilmore, tattykeel, oberon, was thrilled to sell the top price ram at the elite stud ram sale on sunday. Used semen from leading sires in australia to lift genetic values of the flock.

Tattykeel australian white lamb results highlight research. Waratah white suffolks vision, performance, integrity. Tattykeel have pure australian white sheep, semen and embryos available year around for private sale. Only high ranked rams are used, with excellent growth and positive emd figures. Rene raises the bar in white suffolk ring the land.

Tattykeel meat sheep and cattle studs home facebook. Tattykeel sheep stud abercrombie road, oberon, nsw white. Ashburnia 160005 12881 ashburnia 170022 12882 ewes at 20200701. Ai programs at tattykeel are often large and complex with many breeds involved. Fresh from winning several broad sashes in the white suffolk classes, nsw breeder ian gilmore, tattykeel, oberon, was thrilled to sell the top price ram at the elite stud. The ramsay park white suffolk stud was formed in 1997. Tattykeel house offers a seating area with a flatscreen tv and a private bathroom with a hairdryer, free toiletries and bath or shower. We have only shown white suffolks twice with great success, winning champion ram at ballarat sheep show in 2011. These include texels, east friesans, white dorpers, white suffolks and border leicesters. Australian white producer testimonial graham armore youtube. Seriston is a four and a half thousand acre property owned and managed by anthony hurst.

The suffolk horse society maintains and operates the suffolk studbook in accordance not only with its own rules but also in accordance with european commission decision 9678ec. The heavy horse festival is a chance for them to share that passion through an entertaining day out. Detpa grove white suffolk nhill, victoria white suffolk. Wanganella, poll boonoke, moorundie and tattykeel ram sale. The suffolk horse society maintains and operates the suffolk stud book in accordance not only with its own rules but also in accordance with european commission decision 9678ec laying down criteria for entry and registration of equidae in stud books for breeding purposes. Tattykeel is a real family operation with everyone pitching in to make tattykeel one of the best stud operations in the country. White suffolk and poll dorset rams for sale kismet stud nsw australia duration. The australian white sheep breeders association awsba, through its constitution, bylaws and breed standards, upholds and facilitates the further development and promotion of the australian white sheep breed for the benefit of all its members. We provide full background information on all rams and the latest lambplan figures. Request to remove burwood suffolk and white suffolk sheep. Since the trophys inception, tattykeel stud has won the award 20. Founded in 1981, using our suffolk stud as a base, detpa grove purchased select poll dorsets to introduce the white gene.

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