Intelliscope pro rifle sighting system for iphone

Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. It allows you to train at home with an actual firearm by using the itarget pro phone app and a laser bullet. To the mount is securely fastened the users smartphone android or iphone. The inteliscope products are designed and assembled in sandpoint, idaho. Inteliscope turns your iphone into a digital scope.

Equipment equipment leupold pro gear equipment is designed to assist and enhance the use of leupold optics in the field, ensuring an enjoyable time and continued success. Iscope is9933 iscope iphone 5 blk customer rated free. Im guessing this has been fixed for ios since my app works fine on my iphone x with the latest ios build. Expertly designed, pro gear equipment can take on the worst punishment you can dish out. May 24, 20 the inteliscope tactical rifle adapter and app allows gun owners to mount their iphone or ipod touch to a firearm and use it as a sight with a headsup display.

It seems as if weekly i find myself recommending a 6 to 10 dob to a beginner asking about a first scope or first real scope. Buy the iscope adapter for iphone 44s on sale for a great price at our online store. Turn your iphone into a networked night vision scope. Optics accessories filter by press enter to collapse or expand the menu. Inteliscope turns your iphone into a tactical gun sight new atlas. It has all the features of the inteliscope pro but includes an opening in the top that allows users to make use of the internal space. The inteliscope tactical rifle adapter app hit the market in june, giving shooters easy access to what is becoming a popular option in firearms optics. Unsubscribe from booligan airsoft and shooting sports. The pushto orion starblast 6i intelliscope reflector telescope can guide you and your family to vivid views of over 14,000 celestial objects for night after night of astronomical adventure. The rifle is the most accurate platform on the market, and this is due to its long barrel and how stable it is. I have a dedicated iphone 5s in a lifeproof case that i use. Set an alarm temperature and start screening in minutes. Visionpro shop provides affordable military grade adapters and complete solutions for iphone 4 or 4s to enable live streaming video via skype or facetime from just about any scope or night vision device using the tactical solutions monoloc adapter and custom bushings.

With nearly 400 videos of long range shooting on our youtube channel i get asked weekly, what camera do you use to capture these long range shots. Phone skope goes above and beyond utilizing video chat, using your smart phone adapter, viewers miles away can be looking through your spotting scope, binoculars, telescope, or microscope at the same time as you. Microscope lens attachment 20x80x magnification edmund glass optics led illumination 2 banks of 6 internal battery for up to 5 hrs continuous use adjustable sleeve design fits smartphones 2. Its surely not the first contraption to bring an idevice to a weapon, but the inteliscope does appear to be one of the first to take itself seriously. Inteliscope gunmounted smartphone sighting system daily. May 22, 20 inteliscope turns your iphone into the worlds most useful rifle scope. I want to get a software package that is compatible with the orion intelliscope.

World leader laser dry fire training cartridges and systems supplier. Wanna turn your phone into a thermal scope you can use with your rifle. The xt10i mirror gathers 56% more light than the xt8i, allowing you to view fainter objects. Submoa is a mobile app designed for shooting sports enthusiasts, especially precision rifle shooters. The intelliscope is a premium tactical firearm mount with accompanying app for iphone or android.

Im no expert on rifle scopes, but im guessing there arent. The inteliscope tactical rifle adapter and app allows gun owners to mount their. I thought it might be helpful to set up my own faq, and. The mounting system is specially designed for use on airsoft, paintball systems, and small caliber firearms. The lblrf connects to your smart phone via bluetooth in order to assist you in making point of impact adjustments using a traditional day rifle scope. I marked the declination 0 point, fired up the controller and began the alignment procedure. Installation 1 install the altitude encoder assembly onto the bases right side panel. Ive had the upgrade kit installed for a couple of months, but either the weather or some other factor kept me from trying it out. This year, the award for innovation in optics goes to sigs romeo8h, a ruggerized milspec rectangular red dot sight designed for modern sporting rifles msr and shotguns to deliver an exceptionally wide fieldofview. Jul 07, 2015 coyote hunting with thermal coyotes down with the atn thor thermal scope duration. Since the computer was not in line of sight of the bullseye camera, there was a slight effect on the system. I am looking for a program that will display my scope position onscreen for use during an observation session. Visionpro shop iphone scope adapters minits iwitness. As we progressed through our shooting practice, i noted that the 9 year old.

The iscope is also great for individuals who struggle with using a scope. Fly the leupold colors and show everyone whats at your core. These six fun apps will liven up practice time with a simple app addition to your smartphone. A good borescope makes its possible to spot rust, pitting, and deep corrosion. If you have another dobsonian, or any other telescope, the intelliscope system will not function properly. The atn ballistics app works in conjunction with the atn laser ballistics laser range finder series. The proscope mobile is the first wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with your ipad, iphone and ipod touch. Intelliscope vs goto discussions scopes whole setups.

Inteliscope thermal weapon sight budget predator vision. Shooting gun mounts for iphone ipad gopro galaxy armorx. Proscope micro mobile universal smartphone kit proscope. Skopecam is the perfect excuse to get the kids outside and into learning safe rifle handling skills. Dryfire practice is essential to building good gunhandling skills, but it can get boring quickly. This new product provides a rigid mount for an iphone that attaches to your firearms picatinny rail.

This app has been around a few years but it still works well. Inteliscope pro rifle mount to convert a smartphone into a. Use skopecam to see exactly what they are aiming at before pulling the trigger. Inteliscope turns your iphone into the worlds most useful. Allow manually set actual size on target picture 4.

Scopes have been used for years to help people see what they are shooting at with a rifle or a shotgun. Stay connected on all of your gun shooting adventures with armorx mounting solutions. This product will mount any smartphone to your rifles picatinny rail. Derived from the venerable m16 rifle platform, the ar is highly versatile, operating in calibers from.

Inteliscope thermal weapon sight budget predator vision youtube. Tracking points computerenabled rifles let novices. The inteliscope tactical rifle adapter and app allows gun owners to mount their iphone or ipod touch to a firearm and use it as a sight with a headsup display. This system features an innovative electronic position indicator encoder which is affixed to each of both axes of the telescope base or carriage. You can simultaneously view live images and capture stills on all 254 ios devices. This rangefinder offers an innovative and userfriendly approach. A digital tactical scope you bet theres an app for that. When it comes to purchasing a used rifle, an important factor is checking the rifle s bore, the inside of the barrel. To intelliscope or not to intelliscope member equipment. Imagine if you could turn your iphone into an advanced night vision recording device, tuned to your every espionage whim. Intelliscope compatible software astronomy software. The iscope is made of a durable aircraft aluminum housing with a replaceable polymer. This device was designed to fit nearly every smartphone on the market including aftermarket cases.

Our popular tabletop starblast 6 astro telescope is now available with orions exclusive intelliscope computerized objectlocation system. Mounts are now being made where you can place your smartphone on it, so you can better see the objects in your line of fire on the phones screen. Unfortunately, this did not leave much room on the shooting bench to allow the computer to have a direct line of sight to the router antenna by the camera. Accurate, automated and affordable temperature screening specifically designed and calibrated for skin temperature measurement enables social distancing by using n oncontact thermal imaging technology perfect for lobbies, hallways and other key access points. The intelliscope computerized object locator is only compatible with orion skyquest xt intelliscope dobsonians. The proscope mobile allows users to establish a secure static ip wifi network of up to 254 apple ios devices. November 15th, 20 inteliscope gunmounted smartphone sighting system. Inteliscope predicts bullet trajectory, no matter shooter. Oct 22, 20 green berets ultralight bug out bag with gear recommendations duration. The orion intelliscope system is a commercial version of digital setting circles that became all the rage for folks who like to own or build large telescopes but really dont know their way around the sky. Nov 15, 20 november 15th, 20 inteliscope gunmounted smartphone sighting system. The iphone and ipod touch compatible app gives shooters a range of functions from a catalog of reticles to windage and. Oct 15, 2010 page 1 of 7 to intelliscope or not to intelliscope. A special software app allows the inteliscope to be zeroed, with a variety of userselectable reticles.

Nov 19, 2014 the intelliscope system does not drive the mount but does sense the position of the mount on both axis and gives you directions to find a selected object, left a bit, right a bit that sort of thing, until the object should be in the field of view of a low power eyepiece. Shop inteliscope pro rifle mount to convert a smartphone into a digital multi tool for your firearm enhance your shooting experience proudly made in the usa. The phone is placed into the itarget sled with its camera pointed at the shooting target. Its a pushto system if you like because you supply the motive power. Inteliscope pro rifle mount to convert a smartphone into. Orion skyquest xt10i intelliscope dobsonian telescope. Simple dobsonian pointandview ease of use plus intelliscope smarts equals a reflector telescope for a lifetime.

Seek thermal affordable infrared thermal imaging cameras. Inteliscope turns your iphone into a tactical gun sight. This product allows you to firmly mount a smartphone to your rifle while utilizing the inteliscope app which brings critical information to the shooter, giving him or her the edge in any situation. Its nearly impossible to answer because i go through at least one if not two camcorders per year because they just cant hold up to the noise and conditions we shoot in. Beginners guide to pistol shooting how to become an expert duration. It includes both apple and android cables custom made to fit between the seek xr and the inteliscope housing. The intelliscope system is an advanced form of digital setting circle providing a digital readout of the telescope pointing position and information about celestial objects in the database. Shooting illustrated 6 fun phone apps for dryfire practice. Inteliscope iphone tactical video scope bbguns4less. Inteliscope specializes in tactical firearm accessories using state of the art mobile electronics technology. Jims views on affordable dobsit seems like daily i find myself recommending a 6 to 10 dob to a beginner asking about a first scope or first real scope. The inteliscope system is not without its drawbacks though. Use regular scopes or night vision with your iphone using minits iwitness kits.

An unboxing and first impressions of the inteliscope tactical sighting system. I thought it might be helpful to collect my views in one place, and encourage others to critique my views and to offer alternative suggestions. Red dot sights are better at being red dot sights than other. Green berets ultralight bug out bag with gear recommendations duration. Orion starblast 6i intelliscope reflector telescope. This was a truly inspired product idea, capitalizing upon the release of relatively inexpensive thermal eyes that could plug into your smart phone and provide the functionality of far more expensive integrated thermal cameras, since, after all, your phone already had most of that equipment built in cpu, gpu, nice screen for display, etc. Here are some of our top picks for best laser bore sighters in 2020 that you may want to consider to help you get the most out of your hunting gear.

Iscope is9933 iscope iphone 5 blk has been discontinued by iscope and is no longer available. The inteliscope pro coupled with the inteliscope app in ios or android operating systems, represent an evolution in firearm accessories this product allows you to firmly mount a smartphone to your rifle while utilizing the inteliscope app or other apps which brings critical information to the shooter, giving him or her the edge in any situation. Flir one pro ios professional grade thermal camera for smartphones with. Sig already won in 2018 with its ballistic data xchange bdx system. Inteliscope seek mount kit with cables hero outdoors. Gsight solutions premium laser dry fire training supplier. Bore sighters are designed to help align your scope or sight with the hunting firearm of your choice. Remember to check also post on facebook when commenting to qualify for the giveaways. Jul 11, 2011 to intelliscope or not to intelliscope. Well, i finally got the chance to try my skyview pro intelliscope. Nov 15, 20 inteliscope gunmounted smartphone sighting system. Use phones back camera capture properly scaled target pictures 2. Comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. Seek thermal camera with inteliscope mount pew pew.

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